Get ready, Haleb fans. Tomorrow's finale of 'Ravenswood' will be a crossover event that brings in 'Pretty Little Liars' fan favorite Hanna. Not only that, but the episode promises to be "emotionally fulfilling" for the couple.

As per usual, there are spoilers below, so proceed with caution.

In a recent interview with Wetpaint, actor Tyler Blackburn (Caleb himself) told the site that the finale will be a Haleb extravaganza when Hanna (played by Ashley Benson) arrives in the eerie and ghost-filled town of Ravenswood to get answers to her and Caleb's breakup.

"She’s just in the dark, so she comes to get answers, and I don’t know that she’s ready for the answers that she’s given. She doesn’t understand the magnitude of what’s going on, and she’s in danger there," revealed Blackburn. "That is why Caleb does not want her there and does not want to clue her in. She’s going to want to come and help and protect, and he’s like, 'No. You could die.' It’s a compromising position for her because she thinks it’s one thing, but Caleb knows it’s another."

He went on to add, "She’s put into danger and runs into a few characters from the show that you wouldn’t want her to run into. She definitely does feel some of the action, but she doesn’t understand what it is. She doesn’t understand that there’s a supernatural element to this place."

When asked if fans of the couple will be happy with the resolution of the episode, Blackburn answered with a resounding "Yeah."

As he explained, "I think more than anything, [the episode] puts the ball in her court. He comes cleans, and then the rest is up to her. She then can say, here’s what I’m going to do now, instead of him leaving her. She has all the facts, and she’s able to make her own decision."

Tyler concluded, "I think people are going to love the stuff between Hanna and Caleb because it’s very emotionally fulfilling."

Here's hoping he's right!

The finale of 'Ravenswood' airs tomorrow (Feb. 4) at 9PM ET on ABC Family.