Just in case there was ever any question that 'Ravenswood' was going to be as creepy as its predecessor, 'Pretty Little Liars,' Tyler Blackburn, who plays the show's protagonist, Caleb Rivers, has eased our worries -- just in time for its premiere tonight.

"This show rivals some of the top-notch psychological thrillers. Really," Blackburn told E! about the 'Pretty Little Liars' spin-off, which has Caleb moving to Rosewood in order to find more about his distant relatives, who supposedly hail from the creepy village. "Some of the scripts have been surprisingly eerie. I think they've had to tweak some scenes because I think they're just a little too scary for the network."

Up until now, our knowledge of Ravenswood -- an ancient, cursed town close to the Liars' hometown of Rosewood, Pennsylvania -- has been limited to visits by the 'PLL' ladies. But beginning tonight, the fictional town will be front and center -- and the focal point of a whole new set of storylines.

One particular storyline that fans are dying to know: Will Caleb stay with his 'PLL' girlfriend, Hanna Marin?

"If something romantic happens with anybody besides Hanna, the fans will get it because it will make sense," Blackburn told E!, adding: "I'm not saying they'll like it, but they'll get it."

Sounds like 'Ravenswood' will make for some interesting twists and turns, indeed.

Fans can check out a sneak peek of the episode here, and be sure to tune into 'Ravenswood' tonight at 9PM EST on ABC Family.