Ray J's 'Bananaz' may be the perfect song for the clubs but as a come-hither ballad it falls flat.

The song's grinding beat and the R&B loverboy's trite lyrics are tailor-made for booty-shaking on the dance floor, but overall, it just a novelty record. On the track, Ray J boasts about his sexual prowess and all the acrobatics he can do in the bedroom. "You should let me coach ya, we'll get started on the sofa," he sings. Really? If Ray J wants to put himself on the same level as Chris Brown, Ne-Yo or Usher he has to step it up with the songwriting and stop being a playboy on the mic. He's way better than this gimmicky song.

Rick Ross adds his verse to the joint but he says nothing spectacular either. "Shorty be the bomb she's my red-bottom blond" is the best we get from the Miami rapper. No bueno.

Look, we are no prudes here at PopCrush, we understand that everybody loves to get their freak on. But let's have some maturity with this music. And to be honest, having the name of a fruit as the title of your club song is not a good look. What's next 'Apples and Strawberries'?

Ray J's sex game may be strong, but this song is weak as hell.

Listen to Ray J, 'Bananaz' Feat. Rick Ross