Rihanna's film debut 'Battleship' was a hit overseas, but in the U.S.? Eh, not so much. In the film, RiRi plays no-nonsense weapons handler Cora Raikes, which means she had limited dialogue. Like, 68 lines worth of limited and not of the 'Hasta la vista, baby' or 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn' sort. There were no stand-the-test-of-time quotes that will be uttered for years to come courtesy of the Bajan pop star.

That said, Ri did toss off a few funnies, like, “Yo Saunders, ever been in a department run by some kind of Donald Trump/Mike Tyson mutant combo?”

Overall, RiRi's character spoke infrequently and carried big weapons in order to make her presence known . There is nothing wrong with that. The role won't win her any awards, though.

Gamma Squad collected all 68 lines of Rihanna dialogue in the film. Some aren't even complete sentences. Some are exclamatory phrases. There is some sass inherent in her words, but for the most part, Ri's character wasn't skilled in discourse or oration.

She says stuff like "What’s wrong with you, drama queen?" and "Get up, princess! Come on!” Also, she barks, “Shut up. Shut up.” No, it's not exactly stirring stuff, but this is a movie based off a board game, not a literary work.