Rebecca Black is the girl that the public loves to hate … And start rumors about!

More controversy surrounds 13-year-old YouTube celeb and this time it's not because of her so-bad-it's-good video! The 'Friday' singer was at the center of a cruel, web-generated rumor that she was pregnant, which caught fire over the weekend. The news spread via social networking platforms, much like Black's video for 'Friday,' which has nabbed over 140,000,000 views on YouTube in the past few months.

E! reported that even CNN's iReport posted the news as if it were fact. The news network since pulled down their post, but it's shocking that a reputable news network would fall prey to a rumor/hoax such as this. It just goes to show that the power of the web is infinite, when it comes to spreading both information and misinformation.

Black took to Twitter, of course, to dispel the rumors herself, posting this tweet on Sunday: "I thought it was May 15th ... Not April Fools Day. I'm absolutely NOT pregnant.” Thanks for clearing that up, Becks!

Things have not been all sunshine and roses since Black rose to fame thanks to the viral nature of her song and video. While some celebs have supported her, like Katy Perry, Black was receiving death threats and there were reports that she was about to engage in litigation with the company that produced her video/song.

Watch the Rebecca Black 'Friday' Video