The Internet just about blew up over the weekend because of people reacting humorously to Rebecca Black's  'Friday' video. The admittedly amateurish video has already been watched over two million times, spawned a bunch of cover versions (even an illumanati theory), and caused a bunch of people to write "who thought this was a good idea?" articles. But is 'Friday' really all that bad?

The answer is pretty much "yes," but maybe we should all go a bit easier on this 13 year-old girl. According to this article in, the Los Angeles-based Ark Music Factory was hired to write 'Friday' and produce a paired video starring Black. It's a way for kids and their parents to play pop star for a while. No word on how much it cost, or what the therapy bills are going to be if the kid gets wind of what's being said about her online.

The video is a suburban version of Ice Cube's 1993 song 'It Was a Good Day.' Much like that classic rap song, 'Friday' finds Black going through the motions of an average day in sunny California. Only, except for worrying about ambush attacks or crooked cops, Black, who looks camera-frozen the whole time, grapples with the always delicate "do I sit in the front or back seat" issue.

As for the song, well, it's an extremely busy, Auto-Tuned mess with an annoyingly over-repeated "Friday, Friday" refrain. But, really what's the news here? A singer with limited talent stars in an unrealistic video for a song written by outside producers, that's more studio-trickery than musical talent? There's a lot of that going around on the radio, right? Is 'Friday' really that much worse, or have we just reached our cultural tipping point on this kind of thing?

Watch the Rebecca Black, 'Friday' Video