For 13-year-old Rebecca Black, fame has come easy -- Black's debut music video for her song, 'Friday,' has over 65 million YouTube views to date, and is currently sitting pretty in the Top 40 of Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Now, the highly talked about (okay, made fun of) teen is ready for round two, and is set to put out a follow-up single, 'LOL,' as well as a full-length album.

Despite being copied (mocked) countless times -- like in this hilarious spoof from 'Conan' -- Black's mantra shines through: Haters are gonna hate. "People were saying, 'You're the worst singer, this is the worst song'," she recalls. "They criticized my voice and the lyrics. But I call them negative Nancies. They can try to rain on my parade but as far as I'm concerned they are raining on their own parade."

We asked our magic 8 ball at the start of all of this, "Will Rebecca Black get famous?" and it told us, "When pigs fly!" Well, it couldn't have been more right. The youngster is brushing the dirt off her shoulders to put her best face forward with her next release, which, ironically, is being recorded at Flying Pigs Studio in Los Angeles.

If you're wondering how Black will ever top 'Friday,' she'll tell you -- the secret is in being herself. "I like the fact I am singing like a 13-year-old girl, not trying to be anything else," she says. "I would consider some [songs on the album] teenage love songs but I want to keep it appropriate and clean."

No word on when the new record, or even 'LOL,' will drop, but our money is on it to be the "partyin', partyin'" sound of the future.