Remember a few months back when PopCrush covered a viral video where kids reacted to Rebecca Black's notorious tune 'Friday'? Well, the guys who created the 'Kids React' web series, the Fine Bros., brought back as many kids from the first Rebecca Black assessment to express their views on her newest single 'My Moment' and its music video.

Unlike 'Friday,' which the kids unanimously trashed, 'My Moment' garnered mixed reviews from the kids, who range in age from 5 to 14 years old. One of the most hilarious moments in the video's intro comes from 9-year-old Marlhy, who has to put her head in her hands when she sees Black's mug appear onscreen. The clip then cuts to 10-year-old William who is in shock when he sees Black's face. He says, "I hate you guys so much. I hate you guys so much! Why would you do this?" 12 -year-old Michael agreed, asking, "Wasn't the first one bad enough?"

On the other hand, 6-year-old Morgan clapped and danced along to 'My Moment.' After the Fine Bros. asked if Morgan recognized Black, she gasped and adorably exclaimed, "Oh my gosh really that's her! Oh! That's cute because she has bangs just like me … I like it!" 10-year-old Sloane also didn't mind the tune, telling the hosts "What are you kidding me? Of course!" when asked if he thought 'My Moment' sounded better than 'Friday.' Lia, 14, also liked it and thought "it was cute."

However, as the interviews carried on, it became clear that the majority of the kids weren't feeling Black's latest single, despite her revamped sound. Athena, 13, said, "The one part where she's waving out the window at fans, they're not actually fans. They're paid extras to be in the video." William also continued to express his emphatic opinions, saying, "Responding to the haters in a song. God … She doesn't understand the world."

Once again, our favorite 5-year-old Royel -- who is a boy of few words, bringing him to some sort of super wise, sensei/guru status -- had the best comment of the video. The Fine Bros. asked, "If somebody told you 'I really like Rebecca Black,' what would you say to them?" Royel, who was mostly blank-faced throughout the video, immediately replied, "You're a liar!" before he and the room of unseen individuals busted out laughing.

Watch Kids React to Rebecca Black's 'My Moment'