Someone has a lot of time on their hands at! The comedy site won’t allow viral sensation Rebecca Black to enjoy the over seven million views that the video for her new single 'My Moment' has racked up on YouTube in two days. Nope, the funny folks at Break have to rain on Black’s parade.

While we’re not criticizing them for that, since precipitating on Black can often be a fun extracurricular activity, they did attempt to recreate the song without the heavy auto-tuning -- the studio device that probably makes Black’s voice listenable. It’s a hot button debate in the blogosphere about just how well Black can or can’t sing, with many assuming her vocals are the work of studio trickery and techniques.

So here is's re-envisioning of 'My Moment' without the benefit of auto-tune. This likely is not the real version of the song in raw form, and we're not going to go as far as to suggest that this is actually Black singing; that version is probably tucked away under lock and key, far away from the possibility of falling into the wrong hands. We are going to guess that it’s a pretty close rendering of what Black sounds like without the benefit of gadgetry.

Whatever the case, it sounds just awful. Give it a spin and let your ears bleed.

Listen to 'My Moment' Sans Auto-Tune