In a scant 24 hours since the release of her second video, 'My Moment,' viral sensation Rebecca Black has demonstrated that she has some degree of staying power. Her star is showing no signs of fading ... At least not right now.

The singer, who burst onto the scene and into pop culture's consciousness earlier this year with her awful 'Friday' song and video, tweeted a note of thanks about 'My Moment' racking up one million views on YouTube in just 24 hours. Black's views are through the roof and are coming at a breakneck clip.

Her tweet of thanks read as follows: "1 million views on #MyMoment already?! It hasn't even been up for 24 hours!!! #thankyou <3."

The video now has over two million views on YouTube at our last count.

Love her or hate her, the public still takes time out of their busy day to enjoy a peek at a Rebecca Black video. We definitely felt that Black stepped it up with the 'My Moment' video; it looks like she spend a little more money to produce a more professional clip. As for the song? It's frothy, inane pop music that you'd typically expect from Black.

Maybe Rebecca Black is a special exception who will get 20 minutes of fame, as opposed to the standard 15.

Watch the Rebecca Black 'My Moment' Video