Rebecca Black's got a 'Person of Interest' in her life, and she likes that. In her new video for her latest single, we see the 14-year-old viral star reporting something to the police, and from there, she has flashbacks to her big adventure.

Rebecca is just playing a game of skeeball, minding her own business and singing at the top of her lungs when her crush boy approaches -- err, his friends nudge him to the machine next to her, where he dominates and tickets spill out. To everyone's surprise, he cashes them in for a giant mixed-race teddy bear, which he then hands off to the Beckster, who is still keeping her distance according to the song.

The pre-teen pair engage in race cars, rides and mini golf, which is pretty much what you would expect from a first non-chaperoned date. But soon, their innocent daytime date turns into a late night arcade party. While miss Black is singing, she continually notes that she loses track of the boy, but he seems to pop up everywhere she goes without fail, as if he is stalking her. She finds her way outside of the arcade to watch a band play, where she then decides to hop on stage and take over the mic, which they allow despite how rude it actually is.

Later, the scene flashes back to her telling the cop her story in hopes that he can help track down her young love interest, who we presume has gone MIA yet again. In the end, it the cop is actually not a sketch artist but a cartoonist, drawing a picture of Rebecca and her dude as a souvenir ... Surrounded by crime tape (yeah, we were lost on that too). She snags her drawing and we see her walk away with her prince charming, who, by the way, looks a tad too much like her for our comfort.

Watch the Rebecca Black 'Person of Interest' Video