Like any healthy teenage girl, Rebecca Black is enjoying the attention she's beginning to get from the opposite sex. Now 14, the aspiring singer is taking a different approach to her sound compared to learning the days of the week, starting with her latest flirty tune, 'Person of Interest (POI).'

"When I talk, you listen, I like that / When you listen, you smile and I like that / Why you lookin', lookin', at me just like that? / I like that / I like that," the 'Friday' fail singer sings in the opening verse, as she warms up to the idea of having a man in her life.

When the chorus picks up, Becky admits that she's not getting ahead of herself just yet:

"You are a person of interest / A person of interest / Can't say I'm in love yet, but certainly impressed / You are a person of interest / A person of interest / Can't say that it's love yet, but somebody's obsessed," she reveals, adding later that she stalks her love interest in the dark.

There's also talk of a chalk outline of her heart on the floor and crime scene tape on the door to the club, and we're left just hoping she didn't kill the boy in question after she hunted him down. We jest, of course -- Rebecca Black is undoubtedly making leaps in her music "career," but like her previous attempts, 'POV' is muddled with just as many silly tossaway lyrics as the other songs.

While this track certainly once had the potential to be a dance smash, it seems those dreams died at the drawing board. Rather than hype up club goers, 'Person of Interest (POI)' kills the mood and rocks us to sleep with gentle bass and sweet, pre-pubescent melodies.

To sum things up, wake us up when her debut album drops ... Or not.

Listen to Rebecca Black, 'Person of Interest (POI)'