She's baaaaack! Last year's Internet sensation Rebecca Black has gotten another extension of her 15 minutes. She's released a new single and video for 'Sing It,' sans the Autotune that defined last year's delightfully awful ode to the weekend known as 'Friday.'

With 'Sing It,' Black is celebrating summer. And guess what, it doesn't suck like you might expect.

In the video for this '70s pop inspired tune, Black rides a bike, slides down sliding boards, splashes
in the ocean, smiles a lot with her beachy side braid and waves, blows bubbles, dances while semi-obscured by a white curtain, runs in the sand and plays with silly string.

We want her life, or at least the life that plays out in the space of four minutes with this video. It's such a summer-ready clip and will make you yearn for those long, sun-splashed days outside. Black ultimately ushers in the warm weather season with the sound of her frothy, light, sand-between-your toes jam, too.

Black carries herself much more confidently now. She looks as though she has grown up and is having fun. All the Internet hate and the backlash didn't break her spirit. Her music is a bit more mature, too. No, it's not stands-the-test-of-time pop music, nor will it ever be. But it's not going to make your ears bleed, either.

It's a no-strings-attached guilty pleasure. Who doesn't want to spend lazy days playing at the beach? Black's vid effectively captures those moments in time.

Watch the Rebecca Black 'Sing It' Video