Despite the negative reaction to 'Friday,' Rebecca Black isn't giving up on her dream of being a teen pop star, according to TMZ.

Citing "sources close to Black" (isn't it nice to know TMZ has sources close to the 13-year-old?), the website reports that Black is working on a new EP with former Tears for Fears producer Charlton Pettus. No word on what the new music may sound like, but Black has stated a desire to prove that she can actually sing, so perhaps that means no Auto-Tune this time around.

'Friday' sold enough downloads to reach No. 58 on the singles chart, though its success led to rumors that she might take producers Ark Music Factory to court. Black's song has remained in the spotlight, as celebrities from Stephen Colbert to Conan O'Brien to the 'Glee' cast have offered their own takes on the viral hit.

Black is already playing the role of pop music superstar by repeatedly telling off "the haters" on her Twitter account, which now boasts more than 165,000 followers.