From Stockholm to Los Angeles, Swedish DJ duo Rebecca & Fiona know how to incite a wild get-down with their set list.

It's no wonder that the effervescent dance-pop artists and best friends—whose sparkling new EP is called Party Hard (and provides a soundtrack perfect for doing just that)—met at a party in Sweden's capital in 2007. Since then, the two producers and singer-songwriters have been dropping beats at parties the world over, from the clubs of New York City to the stages at Ibiza.

"This is the music we listened to during our L.A. vacation," the hyper-charged DJ duo tells PopCrush. "We rented a mansion and invited all of our best friends, and these are the tunes we played by the pool during our crazy parties!"

Below, turn it all the way up with Rebecca & Fiona's specially curated party playlist, and be sure to check out their commentary on their individual selections. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe on Apple Music!

John Newman — "Olé"
"We just got back to Sweden after spending a month in L.A. and it was probably the best month of our lives. We brought all of our best friends and stayed in the most f---ing expensive house we ever rented (hopefully the EP goes well now, ha ha!). Every day and sometimes in the early mornings we started the party by listening to this song."

Mwuana — "Yeah Right"
"This is one of our best ​​friend's songs. We think he's gonna make it big worldwide, whenever we can get him to sing in English, ha ha. It translates pretty well though since you can get the 'yeah right' part. And we make a cameo in the music video too, if you wanna check it out!"

Tory Lanez — "LUV"
"We love the original version of this song—'Everyone Falls in Love' by Tantro Metro and Devonte—and can't get enough of Tory Lanez' version. We played it every day while getting ready, with a Modelo [beer] in one hand and a makeup brush in the other."

Rebecca & Fiona — "Sayonara" (Salvatore Gannacci Remix)
"We f---ing died when we got this remix of 'Sayonara' back, and even though it's our own song and we supposedly should be tired of it, we can't get enough!"

Travis Scott and Young Thug — "Pick Up the Phone"
​"This song is actually written by our manager, Agge. It's about his day-to-day life working with us, ha ha. And it's a very good song as well, if you like to travel by SUV in Los Angeles, blasting loud music."

Nause ft. Pretty Sister — "Dynamite"
"This is our brother's latest single and we love it! The video is dope, too. Check it out—they look sexy AF."

Kanye West — "Fade"
"This song gets us in a party mode, that's for sure. We used to DJ a remix of the sample as well so it's kind of nostalgic. It really puts a soundtrack on our life in Los Angeles."

Watermät and Moguai — "Portland"
"Whenever we're in an Uber or whatever and have a long ride to the club, we play this at the loudest volume in the car."

Rebecca & Fiona — "Drugstore Lovin'" (The Him Remix)
"We kinda wanted this to be the original track when we heard it because it's so good... We played it in our sets all summer and were so proud that it was our song!"

Tove Lo and Flume — "Say It"
"We got to know Tove right before she exploded like the bomb she is. We stood front row for four shows at SXSW in Austin and couldn't understand where all the people were and how they could miss out on this! It took like, two months and then suddenly everybody knew who she was and we were so proud and happy for her. When we heard she was making a collaboration with Flume, who we have asked to make a remix for one of our songs for like, five years, we knew it was gonna be epic."

Marshmello — "Alone"
"Love this song! It's a mix between what we listened to as kids at the school disco, like the next song, and what we might play in our DJ sets any day, which makes it even better."

DJ Fait — "I Can't Stop Raving" (Clubbticket Remix)
"This is the true story... of our life​."

Rebecca & Fiona — "Shotgun"
"Because we just released it! And it's a great song. Every time it comes up when we're with our friends, everyone starts screaming the lyrics."

PartyNextDoor — "Not Nice"
"This song is nice to play when some random old people turn up at your party."

Bran Van 3000 — "Drinking in L.A."
"This is the most epic song ever written about the best thing in life: Drinking in Los Angeles!"​

Francis and the Lights ft. Bon Iver — "Friends"
"When everybody has left the party and it's us two left in the morning light, we can listen and dance to this song and then go to bed with a smile on our faces."

Universal Records

Rebecca & Fiona's Party Hard EP is out now (November 4) via Universal Records.