The season premiere of 'X Factor' is pretty deep into the first hour, and we've only seen one person get four consecutive yes's to make it to the next round. So will 13-year-old Reed Deming be the next to get a "yes?"

Well, when we first met Reed, it was clear he resembled that of an already pretty famous guy. You may have heard of him, his name is Justin Bieber, and the contestants in the contestant holding room of the show picked up on the similarity instantly. They hollered out "Justin!" they sat down to talk about how he has the same hair as Bieber, the kid even dressed like Biebs, but, uh... don't call him Justin Bieber, okay?

Any young teenager embarking on an audition of this stature deserves some credit. So when Reed started the first few lines of Bruno Mars' 'It Will Rain,' we were pleasantly surprised. But then his runs started heading towards the "terrible" territory, and Simon Cowell literally stopped the music.

"Do you have anything more stripped down?" asked the judge. When Reed mentioned he had a piano only version of Mars' 'Grenade,' Cowell allowed the audition to continue. The cheshire grin that accompanied Cowell's face was priceless, and all that was missing was a mustache for him to twirl.

Of course, L.A. Reid compared him to Bieber, Demi Lovato thought he was good, and Britney Spears found him so adorable she just had to say yes. And just like that, Reed received four yes's and made it to the next round.

Not bad, Reed Bieber. We mean Reed -- just Reed.