There are two ghosts in Reign’s second episode, titled 'Snakes in the Garden.' One is the mysterious masked woman who lurks in the walls. The other is Colin, presumed beheaded. He’s alive because the red X that should have marked his dungeon was painted on the wrong door. And with the lady ghost’s help, ghost Colin has escaped! (Note: Neither of these characters are actually ghosts.)

Meanwhile, Mary is a bit concerned that so many people seem to be plotting her demise. Sure, she knows that the English want her country and her crown, but Colin told Lola that someone at the French court forced him into her bedroom! Who could it be?

Fortunately, there is a party to take her mind of things. Unfortunately, the party guest list includes the shifted-eyed English envoy Simon who, besides questioning the strength of her engagement to Francis (rude!), also takes credit for the nun poisoning from the pilot. Before Mary totally loses it, her betrothed comes to the rescue, convincing the shaken sovereign to act as if their relationship was more solid then rumors made it appear. “Can you do this?” He asks Mary, extending her hand. “Absolutely.” She replies. You go, kids.

By now Queen Catherine has discovered, thanks to her pet Nostradamus, that Colin has escaped. She really needs him dead so that he can’t spill the beans about her as the main villain in the whole ‘Operation Deflower Mary’ fiasco. Mary needs to get him back alive to find out who is using him as a pawn against her. Catherine sends guards. Mary sends the heroically handsome Bash. Gosh, he’s so handsome and heroic. And, even better, Mary learns the name of the mysterious ghost/women who lives in the walls. She’s called Clarissa. Can she explain it all?

Probably feeling that she accomplished a lot for one afternoon, Mary returns to her rooms to find a servant wearing one of the royal gowns, which is odd. Odder still, the servant then collapses screaming that she’s being poisoned. Can our Royal Lass go one episode with out a near poisoning? When the servant’s body is suddenly missing, Detective Mary says enough is enough and charges into the hidden tunnels of the castle in search of Clarissa, who confirms, via marbles, that both the English and Queen Catherine are out to get her. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Bash has found Colin. He’s dead. Again. This time for real because he’s been strung up by the feet and bled out, apparently as a sacrifice of the spooky pagan people that live in the woods, or so Bash explains to Francis who is a little put out that his half-brother can speak Druid and never told him. I think he’s right to feel suspicious.

Mary herself is feeling worn out, especially when her Prince tells her that its curtains for Colin. She’s ready to pack it in and go back home, safety and alliances be damned. But that’s not going to work for the heir to the French throne. Francis stands up to his mother and gives her a warning about trying to murder Mary. If that isn’t stressful enough for the Queen of France somebody has painted a big red X on her royal bed! Probably Clarissa, ‘cause Nostradamus calls j’accuse on her for switching the X’s in the dungeon, too.

Despite all the murder plots and the red paint, at the end Mary finds herself happily surprised as Francis affectionately pledges himself to her as a friend. Perhaps with him by her side she will be safe. Probably not.

Also, King Henry II loooooooves Kenna. They totally made out.