Revenge ended its four-season run on ABC last night (May 10), and it was a satisfying ending to Emily Thorne's quest to avenge her father's ruin. The show had its share of "off" moments over the years (such as the majority of season 2), but in the end [caution: SPOILERS AHEAD] Emily finally got her happy ending. For the most part. Probably.

In descending order, here were the five moments from last night's finale that were pure Revenge at its intense, soapy, WTF finest:

5. Courtney Love showed up and knifed errbody. Reprising her Season 4 role as tough-talking assassin White Gold, Lana Del Rey's current tour mate showed up and immediately got to stabbin'. With the exception of Emily's father David, no beloved male character went un-stabbed: Jack, Nolan, and Emily's former love interest Ben all saw the business end of White Gold's blade. Why did the singer-actress show up in this show? And how does Margaux have such easy access to a hitwoman? We'll never know.

4. Charlotte Grayson returned to save her half-sister. The love child of Victoria Grayson and David Clarke spent most of the series despising Emily, and actress Christa B. Allen exited the show Season 3. Charlotte's giving the impression that she's no longer her bratty, bitter former self, and she's ready to build a relationship with Emily. Did she transplant her late mother's heart into Ems to save her life? No, that was just a dream sequence...or was it?

@elenathenerd, Tumblr

3. Emily and Jack cemented their destined-to-be union. While Aidan's death will always be the worst thing Victoria was ever responsible for (never forget), Emily and Jack were always endgame. They got kid-married on the beach with pipe cleaner rings! They deserve a new life together, and that new Sammy 2 puppy to match. They worried me with that boat wedding though — shouldn't everyone on this show be afraid of boat-related events by now?

2. Victoria Grayson is almost certainly dead. Emily and Victoria's cat-and-mouse game got morally nebulous over the years, but always remember who the true villain was (well, besides Conrad). She tried it, but Emily wasn't about to rot in prison for a crime she didn't commit like her father did. Here's hoping the always tenacious Victoria isn't clinging to the underside of Jack and Emily's honeymoon boat, Cape Fear-style.

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1. Nolan Ross remains the absolute best. Seriously, we all need a Nolan in our lives. Give this guy a spin-off, ABC, and don't pretend you weren't hinting at one here.

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