DJ Khaled brought in some of his A-list rap buddies for his 'I'm on One' video, which is featured on his forthcoming studio album 'We the Best Forever.' Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Drake all spit verses during the song, and the trio along with DJ Khaled and their posses appear in the Miami-based clip.

DJ Khaled kicks off the song with his signature "DJ KHA-LED" mantra before Drake comes in for the first verse. The video was directed by Gil Green, who has also been the mastermind behind Weezy's 'Lollipop' and Rick Ross' 'All I Really Want.' Set in a seemingly abandoned (aside from the rap crew) and gloomily lit apartment building, Drake and DJ Khaled sip on alcohol and look like major BAMF's in the first half of the video. We have to give props to DJ Khaled for guzzling down a Four Loko despite claims that it can kill you.

Later in the video, Rick Ross and Weezy take to the streets for their rhyming sections. Ross wears the same oriental-printed track suit that he donned during the 2011 BET Awards, bare-chested as usual, while Weezy woos a sexy lady with his sharp tongue and confident persona. Ross also takes some time to sit in a convertible and smoke a cigar, as a big-breasted companion rolls around the back of the car.

The most surprising aspect of the 'I'm on One' video has to be that Drake takes on the role of frontman, when it's actually DJ Khaled's song. It's nice to see that these hip hop giants have no qualms when it comes to sharing the spotlight. All in all, 'I'm on One' is pretty much your classic rap video, which is director Green's specialty. Complete with fast cars, scantily clad women, street scenes and dark lighting, the 'I'm on One' quartet look as hard as the song sounds. 'We Are the Best Forever' drops July 19.

Watch the DJ Khaled Feat. Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne 'I'm on One' Video