R-Ruh! Rick Ross is back and he unveiled two singles Tuesday night (Oct. 4) from his upcoming album 'God Forgives, I Don't.' One was the street track, 'I Love My B----es,' and the other is this sure-fire radio single, 'You the Boss,' featuring the ubiquitous rapstress Nicki Minaj.

On the synth-heavy rap ballad, Ricky Rozay is in search of his queen as he promises to give her all the riches he can provide. "I got my jeans sagging, money stuffed in em / I got 40 whips, way too much in em / I need me a queen, I need me a dime / Living this fast life: just show me a sign / I'm a G, I'm a G, took her from the land, put her on that condo on the beach," he tells his prospective lover.

Minaj is regulated to the chorus as she croons, "You the boss, you-you-you the boss." It would have been cool to hear the 'Super Bass' rapper reciprocate Ross' come-ons with a couple of verses, herself, but we are not mad.

Apparently, having Minaj sing and not spit any rhymes was a calculated move on Ross' part. “I wanted to collaborate with Nicki in another way -- her breaking down and letting us hear her beautiful voice,” he said. “I wanted to most definitely go to another level, make sure my sound continued to evolve and just continue to take people somewhere different.”

It's certainly different and smart. Ross already has an idea of how he's going to shoot a video for 'You the Boss.' “We gonna shoot that video somewhere in Aspen, Colo.," he says. "Somewhere in the snow. I need that all-white chinchilla. [Nicki] in a pink chinchilla."

Ross' album 'God Forgives, I Don't' will arrive just in time for Christmas. The collection is due in stores on Dec. 13.

Listen to Rick Ross, 'You the Boss' Feat. Nicki Minaj