Ricky Martin might not be allowed to shake his bon bon on his upcoming international tour -- at least not in Honduras. The openly gay Latino hitmaker is apparently being barred from performing in Honduras due to his sexual orientation and the fact that he solely fathers two young boys.

According to The Advocate, Martin is not welcome in the country due to either the objections of Catholic/religious officials or the government in the devout Catholic country. According to Wikipedia, the CIA Factbook states that Hoduras is "97% Catholic and 3% Protestant."

Martin is supposed to perform in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, on Oct. 16. However, The Advocate states that the minister of interior of Honduras, Africo Madrid, is "telling the media that evangelical and Catholic leaders want Martin's visa denied in order to 'protect the moral and ethical principles of our society.'"

Apparently, Martin's homosexuality and the fact that he is the single father to twin boys is something that is not sitting well with authorities in the country."His nuclear family is not the type of family that Honduran society and laws approve of," Madrid continued to say (FOX News Latino via The Advocate).

Although Madrid has been making plenty of comments to the press about his hopes to keep Martin from performing, but he may be the only one speaking out against the singer's visit. El Heraldo newspaper is stating that sources within the Honduran government claim there have been no attempts made to prevent Martin from performing in the Central American country. We will just have to wait and see how this plays out.