We'll admit it -- after watching a behind-the-scenes look at the making of One Direction's Toyota commercial, we were ready to pack our bags for a road trip with the boys.

1D aren't the only singers put their seal of approval on a product. Austin Mahone recently filmed a commercial for McDonald's! Would you rather ride in a Toyota with One Direction or eat McDonald's with Austin?

Who wouldn't want to road trip with 1D? The guys are funny and would make singing along with the radio way more fun! Just watching them talk about the freedom of driving your first car makes us want to call shotgun and buckle up for the best drive, ever.

Austin's McDonald's commercial shows off his pipes and his sense of humor. Nomming on a burger and splitting a side of fries with this cutie? Yes, please. Although Austin is jokingly distracted by McD's in the ad, you can bet he'll have all eyes on you while you two feast.

Would you rather hop in a car with One Direction or chow down with Austin? Vote below!

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