We're not afraid to admit -- 'Dawson's Creek' will always serve as a pop culture beacon of light. With it's witty banter and risque themes, the teen soap guides teenagers into through the rocky path of adolescence and into adulthood.

In honor of the 16th anniversary of the pilot's premiere (the week of Jan. 20), we took a look at 16 of the most impractical moments on 'Dawson's Creek.' From Joey's endless appeal to the youth of Capeside to absentee parents, life was never boring -- or realistic -- for Dawson & Co.

It's unlikely that your BFF of the opposite sex was allowed to prop a latter next to your open bedroom window and pop in at all hours of the night.


Your boyfriend never posed naked for you, a la Rose in 'Titanic.'


There's no way you lost your virginity to your English teacher (and still graduated).

We still don't look this graceful getting out of cabs.

 Who celebrates their acceptance into Harvard by taking ecstasy at a rave?

Casual conversations with your friends didn't sound like an Aaron Sorkin script.

'Jaws' isn't a normal place to search for the answer to life.

You could barely parallel park, let alone completely restore an old boat.

No one ever wrote a hit teen soap based on your life.

Our boyfriend bought us dinner, not walls.

Sue Sylvester wasn't your mom. (Fun fact: Remember when she played Mrs. Witter in Season 4?)


Mom jeans (from the Gap) never looked this good on us.

Let's be honest. Your high school years never resembled the cover of a J.Crew catalog.


Our problems were never this hardcore.

If we sailed off into the sunset with our significant other for the entire summer, we would have been grounded for life.

We didn't react to utter despair with this face. (Hopefully.)