Six months after her somewhat disastrous but definitely memorable 777 Tour took flight, Rihanna is premiering a documentary on the week-long debacle.

USA Today reports that Rihanna will compile a week's worth of footage into an hour for her 'Rihanna 777' concert documentary, slated to air May 6.

The special will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the 777 excursion, ranging from the champagne popping kickoff flight to the relatively repetitive live shows to the naked Aussie-led mutiny (our favorite part).

Perhaps compiling the footage opened Rihanna's eyes to the mayhem that ensued when she went missing and her reporters weren't allowed to eat, shower or sleep, because until recently, she claimed to be completely unaware of any mishaps.

“I knew a couple of people got worked up, but only found out toward the end,” she said. When it was pointed out to her, she responded, “On the plane? That’s crazy!”

As for her own experience, Rih put it simply: she got publicity and had a great time, and that's all that matters. “The fun never stopped for me," she gushed. "I enjoyed every minute of it. And it definitely brought a lot of awareness to the album — which was the whole point.”

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