So, it's happening. PopCrush is joining Rihanna on her 777 World Tour, where we fly on the 'Diamonds' private jet to seven countries in seven days to celebrate her seventh studio album. (Yup, it's a mouthful.) This is also her seventh album in seven years, so why not go big for this momentous occasion!

Our first stop is Mexico City (following six more cities), where we'll be heading over to watch her perform from a secret location. Rihanna and the rest of the group will be packing in a slew of miles, but we promise (albeit lack of sleep) to fill you in on all of the details, and to share commentary, video, and a TON of photos.

Be sure to keep tabs with us via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get the latest on Rihanna's 777 tour. We've included a welcome note we got from RiRi below. Bon voyage!


Watch the Rihanna 'Diamonds' Video