Remember when Rihanna had a bunch of journalists on a 777 jet and then pretty much didn't interact with them for six of seven days of the journey across the globe? Though she didn't acknowledge the incidents in the teaser, Rihanna finally addresses the controversy in a new trailer for her '777 Tour' documentary.

After a slew of footage of exhausted writers, bloggers, videographers and critics lamented their situation, we got a refreshing take on it from one in particular: A writer who seemed more optimistic than his counterparts explained of RiRi's hectic schedule, “I think the pace is excessive, and I think it’s a bit much. She’s embraced it in a way I think is really incredible, but I think it’s hard. It’s a hard road.”

The trailer then shows Rihanna's slightly wild backstage behavior, and based on her Instagram account alone you can bet it's edited down. “Rock star is more of an attitude,” she explained of her mantra toward life. “Whether you make pop msuic or pop fans love you, they always see you as a rock star because of who you are.”

Need to see more of her rock star debauchery? Tune in this Monday, May 6 on Fox. Tune into the trailer above -- you even see Naked Tim!