Rihanna is finding herself in the middle of another awkward situation when it comes to some of the shots in her latest video, 'You Da One.'

Throughout the video, Rihanna is captured in various settings, including having shadow effects across her body of polka-dots, stripes and other patterns. Now claims are being made that the video's director has blatantly ripped off ideas used in a 2008 photoshoot made by Norwegian photographer, Solve Sundsbo.

In addition to the shadow effects, both Rihanna and the model used in the still portraits are wearing similar body suits and wigs, although the color of the hair pieces are not the same in the video and photographs. Other similarities include both Rihanna and the model donning pink lips in the black and white footage and stills.

This isn't the first time Rihanna has been in the middle of legal issues surrounding a music video. Earlier this year, Rihanna found herself at the wrong end of two other lawsuits with her 'S&M' video, which some said was a little too influenced by the work or renowned photographer David LaChappelle. Both videos in question were directed by Melina Matsoukas.

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