A new trailer for Rihanna's film debut, 'Battleship,' hit the 'Net yesterday. While seemingly everything the pop diva touches turns to gold, how does it look like her first movie might fare?

It's safe to assume that 'Battleship' isn't gunning for any Oscars. One way to tell? In the opening clip, the line, "From Hasbro, the company that brought you 'Transformers'" is listed as a bragging right. While 'Transformers' was no doubt a fun ride, it wasn't exactly brain food or a critics' choice flick.

From what we can see of her part, Rihanna performs pretty well for someone without acting experience. A role like this won't really stretch her dramatic chops much, but she's proven herself capable before -- her acting in her 'We Found Love' video is disturbing and moving at the same time.

The trailer opens with a giant craft rising from the ocean, then to a seemingly normal ship setting, where 'Friday Night Lights' star Taylor Kitsch smooches Sports Illustrated pinup Brooklyn Decker. A shot later, an unknown object is spotted, and RiRi appears with Kitsch. "Is this an exercise?" she asks.

Shortly thereafter, we see Rihanna in a small boat with a big gun -- maybe her 'Rude Boy' video was a dress rehearsal for this movie. "What the hell is that?!" she yells with conviction. Later, after we see alien spacecraft surging out of the sea, Rihanna begins a voice over.

"My father said they'd come," she says as aliens, machinery and nervous sailors fill the screen. "He said, 'We ain't alone.'" A glowing extraterrestrial eye appears. "He said, 'One day, we'd find them,'" Rihanna continued, sounding so serious that you wonder if she's in on the joke. Explosions and gunfire abound before she finishes her line. "'Or they'd find us.'"

Soon, we see sailors shooting into the screen, hear of a captain's death and see a whole lot more explosions, UFOs and destruction. The movie pretty much looks like 'Transformers' under water. If popcorn action movies are your thing, you'll dig this -- a lot of stuff blows up. But will Rihanna's fledgling film career? It's hard to tell. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

Watch Rihanna in the 'Battleship' Trailer