When news broke that Rihanna would be starring in a new movie, most people wouldn't imagine her taking on 'Transformer'-esque robot boats with a group of sailors, right? Well, the Barbadian songstress is once again displaying her edgy, rough-and-tough style by taking on a role in the upcoming action flick 'Battleship,' the trailer for which was released today, July 27.

In the movie, Rihanna portrays Petty Officer Raikes. She stars in the film alongside veteran actor Liam Neeson, 'True Blood' hottie Alexander Skarsgård and 'Friday Night Lights' hunk Taylor Kitsch. From what we can see in the trailer, Rihanna will fight a fleet of monster, shape-shifting ships that have trapped her and her fellow naval officers in a bubble in the middle of the ocean.

PopCrush would now like to challenge you to a little game along the lines of 'Where's Waldo?' -- except we like to call it 'Where's Rihanna in the 'Battleship' Trailer?' While we're sure her role will be more prominent once the film itself hits theaters, right now the only glimpse of her in the entire 2:10 trailer is for a measly two seconds at 1:45.

We can't wait to see Rihanna kick some monster butt in 'Battleship'! According to IMDB, the movie is anticipated for release in May 2012.

Watch Rihanna in the 'Battleship' Trailer