Rihanna shared yet another behind-the-scenes clip of her upcoming video, 'Where Have You Been.' She sure loves her navy!

Rihanna revealed just how hard she and her team have worked on the clip -- it's taken them about a month to complete planning and shooting! That's how you know it's probably going to be epic.

In one scene, RiRi lies down on some fluffy cottony looking padding inside of a nest. "I'm laying on this so that I could protect my booty from all these branches," she giggles. "Giggity!" The theme of this setting? "I guess we're gonna call this the 'owl set up,'" Rihanna says as attendants fluff and fix her hair. "Why an owl? Because they have 100 percent kill rate!"

Next, Rihanna rocks tribal garb (and not much of it!) and descends into water. Soon, she's back on land -- and set. "How long have we been filming?" she asks, speaking into a fan. Turns out RiRi was shooting for a whopping 17 hours!

In another scene, Rihanna and her dancers rock bright red pants. Her (hot) male dancers are shirtless, but Rihanna sports a zebra print top with matching gloves and some blonde extensions in her black hair. They dance in front of a dead trees in a desert-like scene with fire pits and trees backed by a set designed to look like a starlit sky.

Next, we see extras and other dancers in tribal garb and face paint. Rihanna's once-sleek mane is now a wild maze of tight black curls, and she sports a black mini dress, huge silver hoops and smoky eyes to match the ethereal smoke in which she dances.

While Rihanna appears to be having fun in the footage, she's also pretty exhausted after a while. You can tell she's happy when the video wraps, but she lets the crew know how awesome they were. "Thanks everybody! Y'all rocked!"

Rihanna's shown off plenty of stills and making-of footage for the video, including wardrobe fittings and dance rehearsals. Now all that's left is the real thing -- coming on Monday, according to Vevo!

Watch Rihanna Behind-the-Scenes of 'Where Have You Been'