We all know that Rihanna is the princess of pop, but who knew she had a brother who can rap on the mic? Apparently, the Barbadian songbird has a sibling who likes to rap. Her brother, Rorrey Fenty, goes by the rap moniker GQ and can be heard spitting rhymes on Teff Mayweather's new song 'Army.'

We have no clue who Teff is but the track 'Army' has a lot of energetic bounce to it. The song also features a sample of 'G4L' from RiRi's album 'Rated R.' As for the rapping, it's okay, but nothing spectacular.

On the track, Teff talks about macking to girls, stacking money and making the haters jealous of his baller lifestyle. "Reppin' my city 'til the good Lord come for me / Stackin' like a money tree / 'Cause I'm wrappin' like a mummy, B / 'Cause we are an Army / Better yet we're a Navy / Better yet, we're crazy / So represent when you hear me," he spits.

Meanwhile, GQ raps, "Spit crack, I'm supplying the fiends / Talented nigga, brand new on the scene / With a crew and a team / Good enough to win the World Series with, nigga / Bring the ho's and the cream."

Overall, 'Army' is not a bad song and with a little more work, GQ (aka Rihanna's brother) has a decent shot of making a name for himself in the rap game. Although, he should change his name -- GQ sounds too cliché.

Listen to Teff Mayweather Song 'Army' Feat. GQ