First she's dropping $1500 at a sex shop, and now Rihanna is solidifying her "non role model" persona even further by visiting a cannabis café. The songstress is out on the European leg of her Loud tour, and she was recently caught visiting the infamous Bulldog Café in Amsterdam.

According to the Daily Star, RiRi was getting her puff puff on at the Bulldog Café, which is one of the first cafés in Holland to start legally selling marijuana after it was decriminalized back in the '70s. The publication reports that Rihanna was photographed leaving the café with her posse, sporting a fur hat and sunglasses -- we wonder if it was just sunny or Rihanna was wearing the glasses to shield a bad case of weed-induced red eye.

It really isn't that surprising that Rihanna likes to partake in this form of herbal therapy. One of the songs on her upcoming 'Talk That Talk' album is entitled 'Blunts Rolled,' and her new video for 'We Found Love' shows that she's no stranger to the world of drugs, alcohol and partying.

We get that Rihanna is a celebrity, and that it's pretty much impossible for her to stay out of the spotlight, but we think she needs to tone it down a bit with the public displays of debauch. It almost seems like she's trying too hard to prove that she's a 'Good Girl Gone Bad.' However, the singer doesn't seem to mind people talking about her in this semi-negative light, so more power to her for doing whatever the heck she wants!