Rihanna is gearing up for her next single, 'Cheers,' and to amp up anticipation for the tune, the singer has revealed the cover art for the song, which appears on her latest platter, 'Loud.'

RiRi tweeted the cover on Monday night, posting: "#RihannaNavy Cheers to you!" The cover depicts RiRi standing in a yellow convertible with leather interior, a black and white stripped top falling off her shoulders. She is looking up, as if the sun and the air are grazing her gorgeous face, which is framed by her now-signature and familiar fire engine red locks.  It's such a summer-appropriate image.

As for the song? Well, it celebrates having a drink, raising a glass and letting the Jameson sink in, making it a perfect late-summer anthem for tossing back a shot during the hottest days of the year. The song is infused with the same tropical island flair as her last single 'Man Down' and we're loving how Rihanna has explored and demonstrated her Barbados upbringing in her music this time out.

Rihanna, 23, also tweeted about her recent tour, posting this tweet: "#LOUDtour N.America was phenomenal!!! Truly an unforgettable experience! Never felt this close to you…thank you lovers! #RihannaNavy." Did you hear that, lovers? You made RiRi proud by showing up to her shows this summer. Cheers to you, indeed.

Watch the Rihanna 'Cheers' Lyrics Video