There must be something in the water these days. It seems like we just stopped slapping our knee over the unbelievably foolish lawsuit recently filed against Justin Bieber -- and now comes word that Rihanna is facing some insane allegations of her own.

TMZ reports that a Chris Brown impostor has filed legal papers in Tennessee requesting a restraining order against Rihanna and alleging that she gave him an exotic, particularly powerful strain of venereal disease.

"When I threatened to file a lawsuit against her for not telling me she was infested with genital blisters she began to hit herself in the face and throw herself into walls just as Jim Carrey did in the movie 'Liar, Liar,'" reads the claim, which goes on to describe the woes of waking up with sores on one's nether regions and suggests that this might be a matter of life and death: "This isn't just a regular case of American herpes, this is a case of herpes from Barbados, which is most likely lethal."

Clearly, only a major cash infusion will be enough to soothe fake Chris Brown's pain -- $10 million, to be exact. Of course, we wouldn't hold our breath waiting for anyone to cut this fellow a check -- or even for the case to get anywhere near a court -- but it's good for a laugh as long as your name isn't Rihanna.

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