Rihanna and Chris Brown reportedly ignored one another at Playhouse in L.A. on Valentine's Day, sparking talk that they were on the outs again or dunzo, despite being lovey dovey at the Grammys just four days earlier for all the music world to see. Word is that RiRi gave Breezy the brush off at da club because he was hanging out with his ex Karrueche Tran at the launch party for Topshop and Topman in Los Angeles that same day.

Ah, the wily Miss Tran. She is always lurking in the shadows, the thorn in ChRihanna's side.

While Breezy famously dumped Tran in order to resume things with RiRi, they are still close, it seems. He arrived at the Playhouse with a crew that was said to be 20 deep. He and Ri weren't on speaking terms and Breezy bounced, not before being accosted by a heckler who claimed to be a Crip. We know, Breezy never has a boring night.

A source said that Ri "refused to sit with or even near him" because he had spent some time with Tran, according to Us Weekly.

Is it just us or are these two exhausting? While we're sure Tran is a very nice girl and she is certainly pretty, we don't get her appeal when Breezy has Rihanna totally enraptured by him. Why else would she take him back after he beat her in 2009? Why can't these two just get it right? Is the relationship really that toxic? What do you think PopCrushers? Will ChRihanna last?

Our remedy? Breezy should pull a Vin Diesel and cover 'Stay.' That ought to win Rihanna back.

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