Coldplay brought 'Paradise' to the 2012 London Paralympic Games -- and they also brought Rihanna and Jay-Z!

The U.K. band delivered a stellar performance for some 80,000 spectators, beginning with a battle sequence and a ton of killer choreography. (Remember 'Yellow?') Soon, Coldplay entered amidst flames, smoke and a fantastical light show, performing 'Paradise,' 'Yellow,' 'Speed of Sound' and more for the eager and enthused crowd.

The band also performed their duet with RiRi, 'Princess of China,' to rave reviews. Rihanna entered the stage on a faux steamboat (say what?!), sporting head-to-toe tangerine in a flowing number, complemented by coral lipstick and matching shoes. Her cropped 'do is starting to grow on us, if not on her. Singer Chris Martin aided her by hand onto the stage. They're so much fun to watch together -- like two platonic besties. So cute! Following 'P.O.C.,' RiRi performed 'We Found Love' from an iron bench hanging above the stage.

Later, RiRi changed into a black skirt, sheer black top over a matching bra, black heels and shades ("All black, everything!") to join Jay-Z and Coldplay for a rendition of 'Run This Town.' You can watch the entire closing ceremony in the video above -- grab some popcorn and enjoy!