Rihanna has some new ink! The 'Talk That Talk' singer's body has long been her canvas, and now she's added a new piece of art to the gallery she's already sporting on her skin. What kind of ink did she get this time?

A cross! Rihanna Daily revealed the black-and-white image on Twitter of Rihanna with a new, tiny black cross between her shoulder and collarbone. It's smaller and more subtle than a lot of her other ink, which includes Roman numerals, "rebelle fleur" in script and a trail of stars (her ex and possible current hookup, Chris Brown, has one to match) and more.

Rihanna's most notorious tat is undoubtedly the words "THUG LIFE" emblazoned on her fingers.

RiRi's penchant for tattoos is appropriate when you consider her taste for fierce fashions, a passion that she will explore more than ever in 2012.  She recently revealed she may take a wee bit of time off of music to pursue other visually creative endeavors. “We left room for other playing fields: music, movies, fashion. I'm getting into fashion a lot more as a designer," Rih dished. "I'm working with several different brands ... I love designing. I love creating."

We expect to see a lot of cutout dresses to show off her awesome figure and all the beautiful artwork adorning it!