Every supermodel is said to have a signature pose: Giselle arches her back, Tyra smizes and new Dior muse Rihanna tips over in her chair.

The "American Oxygen" singer, who recently appeared in Dior's Secret Garden video, was evidently so touched by being named the luxury designer's new muse that she was physically knocked backwards during a subsequent photo shoot. Don't worry, though! It was part of the plan, and maybe she's not concussed.

When RiRi finally found her sea legs, she shared a handful of other shots on Instagram that found her cycling between a tight mesh dress, perforated black trench coat and boots that could crack a sidewalk. "all @Dior errthang!" she captioned the photo below, in which she and the flimsy chair appear to have kissed and made up. We reserve the right to stay skeptical...

The photos will appear in a coming issue of Dior magazine, and were shot by Craig McDean, who's previously photographed Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston.

And if you can't necessarily afford to look like Rihanna, perhaps you've got enough pocket change to smell like her? She released her new RiRi fragrance earlier this week, and told Entertainment Tonight "You feel flirty, fun, and you feel sassy," when you spritz a bit on.

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