Rihanna was raunchy girl this weekend. We know, we know. When isn't she? The singer dirty danced at a carnival in her native Barbados, held to celebrate the harvest of the sugar crops.

Make no mistake. There was nothing sweet about RiRi's behavior. She was on all fours and getting bumped and grinded from behind. Dirty dancing. Stripper-style dancing. You name it -- RiRi seemed to be doing it.

Ri donned a sheer bathing suit with white panels and a pair of Converse sneakers, with a veil pinned to her newly short and curly hair. She was certainly getting her party on as she danced the night away.

She tweeted post-carnival exploits, too, revealing she was covered in body paint. Never a dull moment when it comes to our girl Rihanna.

We don't think her dance skills will make the Fenty family proud, but she's Rihanna. She can do whatever she wants. She doesn't hide her bad girl shenanigans.

Hey, at least she wasn't dancing while topless, right? So consider that a modicum of decency while at home and perhaps surrounded by family.

In other RiRi news, the video below is circulating, claiming that she got caught snorting coke, but we have to say that's way too big of a leap to make from a second of footage that isn't even directly focused on Rihanna. Maybe she's wiping her nose? Picking it? Scratching an itch? There's no evidence of cocaine in the clip -- no mirror, no rolled dollar bills, no white powdery substance.

We're going to have say that accusing RiRi of being caught with the white stuff is beyond a stretch.

Also, check out pics of RiRi covered in jewels and snow white feathers. She looks like a white goddess, no?

Watch Alleged Rihanna Coke Video