Rihanna and Katy Perry have a lot in common: chart topping hits, slammin' bodies and beautiful faces. Another thing the bffs share? Their penchants for hair dye. That mutual passion may get even more similar if RiRi gets her way. What's her ideal color?

“Navy blue is my color right now,” Rih dished to PEOPLE. So should we expect her and Katy to be hair twins? Not quite, Rihanna explained. “Not any blue, not the punk blue. I have yet to see the right one. It does not exist yet!” Sounds like she wants to salute her Rihanna Navy. Cute! (And it would match her 'Battleship' uniform!)

“Everyone’s rockin’ blue right now. It just works," Rihanna said. Why does she think it's so big? "I think it has something to do with Blue Ivy," Rih laughed.

So is Rihanna's next hair color going to be navy? Not just yet. She wants to do black first, but she's taking her time. “I’m going to exhaust [the blonde] before I go black because black is easy," she explained. “I’m having fun with it,” she said of her butter-colored locks. “It was an easy change from my natural color, and I thought I would regret going black before blonde, so I kind of just went there, and it keeps getting lighter and lighter.”

Rihanna, a style chameleon, also loves the versatility that comes with blonde hair because it gives her so many options. “From blonde you can go to anything, so I might want to try something else before [black]. You know how that goes.” Consider Rihanna has the ideal skin tone, eye color and attitude to pull off any color she chooses, we can't wait to see what shade she'll rock next.