Before heading to Mexico City for the first stop on her 777 Tour in support of her new seventh album 'Unapologetic,' Rihanna visited 'Ellen,' where the two chatted about RiRi's dating life, her desire to someday have kids, and that sexy naked GQ photo shoot.

Despite how relaxed Rihanna looks in GQ, she said she doesn't necessarily like being naked. "Nobody's ever completely comfortable naked all the time in front of strangers, photographers that you don't know," she explained. "But it's a bit of a character that you have to get into. You get into a place where you zone out from everything around."

Last time on the program, Rihanna referred to a certain place on her body as "her," causing Ellen to ask how things have been going for "her." "She's having a little more fun now," RiRi joked. "Hooray for her!"

Although she's been getting cozy with ex Chris Brown, RiRi told Ellen that she's not dating anyone at the moment. Of course, she says that every time she goes on the show, so we're not sure if we buy that one. She does want to have kids and raise a family someday, though. "Yes, eventually. I mean, absolutely," she confirmed.

As for music, Rihanna explained that she loves discovering old music, which for her is anything before 1988, when she was born. She especially loves genres outside of pop: "I draw inspiration from everything. Even if it's weird, there's always something that you can find. The weirdest things are sometimes the coolest, and that's what I like to get into, things that are a little outside of the box."

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