Happy 25th birthday Rihanna! The sexy singer is said to be on the outs with the love of her life aka Chris Brown, but that doesn't stop the rumors from abounding that the 'Stay' singer and Breezy are looking to take their commitment to the next level, further confusing us and the rest of the world about their status. The latest ridiculous suggestion? That she's getting engaged to celebrate the quarter century mark.

Rihanna's father is the one stirring the pot, telling Now (quotes via Entertainment Wise) that he wants his baby girl and Breezy to make it official.

"I would be ecstatic," Pops Fenty said about the idea that ChRihanna might get engaged. "He's a very old-fashioned kind of guy, with straight-up morals and he's always been very decent to me."

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Old-fashioned kinda guy? Does Ri's father have amnesia regarding the 2009 Grammys, where Breezy used his daughter's face as a punching bag? But then again, RiRi and her dad forgive, so it doesn't matter if fans don't.

But who knows what's up with Breezy and RiRi. They ignored each other at a club after draping themselves all over one another at the Grammys.

However, one thing that makes us think things are okay between them is the fact that she Instagrammed some photos on her bday. In the current shots, she is smoking a spliff -- a common occurrence for her, like posing topless -- and enjoying the fun and sun in Hawaii. But she also shared a shot from her surprise 20th bday party five years ago. Seated next to her is Breezy!

It's a vintage image. Something tells us that if she was mad at him, she might not share that particular photo. Just a thought.


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