Rihanna is known for being a bada-- chick -- just watch the 'We Found Love' video for further proof. So when 'Battleship' director Peter Berg handpicked the Barbadian singer to play the tough-as-nails FBI agent Cora Raikes, she couldn't wait to jump into the role.

"I think that's what I really wanted to do. I wanted to do something bada--," she tells MTV. "I didn't imagine that it would be grungy, like, straight Navy soldier, no makeup. [But] I enjoyed it. It was a brilliant surprise for me."

As seen in the photo above, Ri-Ri was quite comfortable handling the high-powered bazooka in the film. "I have one of those at home," she joked.

Uh-Oh! Chris Brown better watch his back.

All jokes aside, Rihanna had plenty of fun shooting the military weapon on the set. "We would train up and down, just speeding the boat, turning and learning how to shoot and handle the weapon," she explains. "Two hours later, we're shooting that scene."

With 'Battleship' sailing into theaters on May 18, Rihanna feels the film was a great opportunity to broaden her career. “I like growth," she said. "I want to get better, the next step always has to be upward, or forward. I’m relentless in that way when it comes to my work."

Watch Rihanna Talk About Her Bada-- Role in 'Battleship'