Stop the presses. Rihanna has not been named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive. Despite the fact that her video from her first cover shoot for the mag, which she shot earlier this summer, drips with sexiness, the singer did not nab the top honors. More on that for a second, though.

About the video: In the black and white promo video, RiRi looks naked, touches herself suggestively and proceeds to rub dirt all over her body as her wild, curly hair falls in her face while she stares intently at the camera with those bedroom eyes. It's sexy, that's for sure, even if she does get a little dirty by literally playing with dry earth.

Rihanna was actually criticized for the tweet she issued about preparing for this cover, posting that to prep for the shoot, she had to "wax and starve." Tsk tsk. Not a good message to send to female fans, Ri!

As for the title of "Sexiest Woman Alive?" Well, RiRi was one of 64 women in contention for the title, but she didn't even make the cut to the final bracket.

So who is sexier than RiRi?

'30 Rock' star Katrina Bowden, that's who. Bowden, 22, was actually chosen as the mag's 'Sexiest Woman Alive,' so congrats to Bowden on defeating the likes of the super-sexafied Rihanna!

Watch Rihanna Esquire Promo Video