British tabloids are reporting that Rihanna has fallen for her 'We Found Love' music video co-star, model and amateur boxing champion Dudley O'Shaughnessy.

The Sun quotes an unnamed source on the Northern Ireland set of the 'We Found Love' shoot, who says, "Rihanna was making no secret that she fancied the pants off Dudley. They hit it off straight away. Rihanna took every opportunity to get close to him and at one point she was sitting in his lap during a break from filming."

O'Shaughnessy, who looks an awful lot like Chris Brown in leaked photos from the set, is a 21-year-old who had been hoping to make Great Britain's Olympic boxing team.

The source continues, "Dudley was giggling like a schoolboy when she had to shoot a scene in a see-through top. She was teasing him with a peek at her cleavage and winking at him. Dudley can't believe his luck. Rihanna's girlfriends are teasing her, singing songs about her romance."

It seems that Rihanna was exposing more than just her cleavage. She was topless at one point, upsetting the Irish farmer who allowed the crew to use his property. The video hasn't been released yet, but with all this buzz surrounding it, we can't wait to see the finished project!