Lately, Rihanna's red locks have become part of the pop star's signature look, but some want it to last forever. A new video shows two overzealous fans grabbing at the singer's hair at a Detroit show.

Last month, the Barbadian songbird appeared at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Mich. The 23-year-old performed an energetic drum solo for the audience before stepping down from the stage. As security escorted her down the aisle, the clip shows a fan grasping at the singer's spiral curls.

Rihanna was not harmed, but she did pull away from the excited fan. However, the hair-pulling didn't end there. The video shows yet another instance at the same concert where the R&B diva had her tresses yanked.

In the second shot, Rihanna is walking and singing when a fan grabs at her red locks. RiRi jerks away and looks back before continuing without missing a beat.

Note to fans: Having a souvenir to remember the concert by is understandable, but we here at PopCrush suggest items like the traditional show poster or commemorative t-shirt instead. Yes, "whips and chains" may excite the 'S&M' singer, but ripping Rihanna's hair out isn't going to get you on her good side.

Watch Fans Grab at Rihanna's Hair in Detroit