Rihanna is ready to expand into other mediums outside of music. According to Capital FM, the pop starlet says she is going to take a break from music for about a year to work on her film career. RiRi is set to make her acting debut in the action flick 'Battleship,' which hits theaters in May.

"I don't have time off but I am not recording," she told Jonathan Ross during his ITV1 talk show. "This year I want to delve more into the movie industry, I had a little experience with 'Battleship.' I had a great time the first time so I want to continue picking the right roles so I can master them and see what happens."

Judging by her fierce 'Battleship' poster for its international release, Rihanna looks like she is ready to kick some butt. The singer plays US Navy Petty Officer Raikes in the movie, which is based on the popular board game.

'Battleship' director Peter Berg was surprised at how hardcore the Grammy-nominated songbird was on the set. "I've worked with musicians before and I always expected there was a great actress in Rihanna," he said. “That’s just from watching her intensity and how hot she is in her music videos. For anyone that’s been on a music video set, it’s not so easy to do sexy. If it was, there would be a lot more Rihannas."

He adds, 'Battleship' is a small role but she does a great job in it. If she wants to be a huge movie star then in a year you’ll be sitting here with her talking about whatever her next film is."

We can't wait to see Rihanna kick butt in 'Battleship'!

Watch the 'Battleship' Official Trailer