Rihanna turned up to dinner at Santa Monica restaurant Giorgio Baldi late last week (May 17) in a summery white bra-top and a crocheted maxi skirt. She shared images of her in the sexy, daring and baring outfit on her Twitter feed, but other sources report that up close, you could tell RiRi was going commando.

Us Weekly reports RiRi hit the upscale eatery and appeared to be wearing either a tiny thong or nothing at all underneath.

RiRi loves to show skin and flaunt her body in sexy outfits, and nothing -- not even a dinner date where she'd likely be noshing on pasta entrees covered in red tomato sauce -- can get her to cover up or change her M.O. in the slightest. We wouldn’t suggest wearing all-white to an Italian dinner. We also would be wearing underthings, too. But this is RiRi we're talking about. She is a rule breaker, not a rule follower.

She's been favoring the color white as the mercury rises. She wore a revealing, low-cut, high-slit gown to the L.A. premiere of her film debut 'Battleship.' Of course she did.

Rihanna had some rather pointed words for one outlet who criticized her fashion choices -- and even Cher came to her wardrobe defense, tweeting, "Rihanna is Gorgeous&Major Talent!Who cares About clothes?" We concur!