On a recent episode of ABC's 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,' a group of female volunteers and former servicewoman were surprised with a face-to-face meeting with Barbadian beauty Rihanna. On the episode, which aired Sept. 25, Rihanna met with the women backstage at a show in North Carolina, and she took the time to thank them for all of their hard work and to listen to their personal struggles.

This particular episode of 'Extreme Makeover' was benefiting Barbara Marshall, a former Navy servicewoman who now runs a home for female veterans called Jubilee House in conjunction with the non-profit organization Steps N Stages -- a non-profit organization that assists female veterans. Rihanna was so moved by Marshall's story, that she invited a group of female veterans/volunteers backstage at one of her shows.

The women had no idea who they were going to meet, and when Rihanna walked into the VIP section where the women were seated, you can just tell they were absolutely shocked. Rihanna told the veterans, "You guys are definitely very very inspiring ... What you guys do is amazing," in reference to their work with Marshall, the Jubilee House, and Steps N Stages.

Rihanna also asked about the women having to adjust as they returned from the armed services, and when one woman got teary-eyed explaining how she was homeless at first, the singer was obviously moved, rubbing the girls back and trying to comfort her. In addition to their chat, Rihanna also donated concert tickets to be auctioned off to benefit Steps N Stages.

Rihanna wasn't the 'Only Girl' celebrity on the show either! First Lady Michelle Obama also made an appearance on the episode, which shows just how inspiring Marshall and the people who work with her truly are.

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