While Rihanna likes to give the impression that she's 'Hard' and not a role model, deep down, she's a softie. The proof is in the pictures: she tweeted a bunch of photos celebrating her grandma's birthday! Too. Cute.

The Daily Mail reports that RiRi went to Brooklyn, New York to celebrate her beloved "GranGran's" big day. Rihanna's grandparents, Clara (Dolly) and Lionel originally met in Guyana before moving to Barbados where Rih grew up. The adorable couple moved to Brooklyn a few decades ago, and Rihanna's been visiting ever since.

Rihanna is pictured cooking for the party as well as snuggling up to her grandparents. She got a big kick out of putting her own accessories (hat, chain and sunglasses) on her grandmother. She even had her Navy make her grandmother's birthday a trending topic on Twitter!

It's only the latest in a string of adorable, family-oriented moves from the sometimes icy starlet. She also recently purchased a beach house for her baby brother, whose music career she's supported from the get-go. The good girl gone bad may just be going good again. We just wonder how long it'll last!